The Committee

The Committee are elected to office at the Club's Annual General Meeting in November of each year.

The Activities of the Committee

The Committee meeting minutes are printed in the Club's magazine Meshing Point for the reference of Club members.

Getting Involved

The Committee are always pleased to hear from Club members and will assist in any way that they can.

Chair: Clare Young

Social Media Coordinator: Rupert Pugh

Rupert looks after the website and the Facebook page




Treasurer: Marion Morrison

Marion and her family enjoy driving their Austin Seven around local country roads and at Austin Seven events.  With a love of all things old, the Austin Seven is just one of several classic vehicles owned by the family.  Marion would recommend the club as being a diverse melting pot where all are genuinely welcomed.

Secretary: Ruairidh Dunford

Ruaridh Dunford is the Club Secretary.  He enjoys using his Austin Sevens as much as possible, along with his wife and growing family he has toured all over Scotland and Europe - he advocates using the cars all year round.

Ruaridh has previously held the positions of Technical Advisor, Secretary, Editor, Events Coordinator and Chairman

Committee Member: Gavin Boswell

Committee Member: Neil Williams

Neil looks after the clubs Website.

Events Coordinator: Neil Gibson

Committee Member: John Davies