The Committee

The Committee are elected to office at the Club's Annual General Meeting in November of each year.

The Activities of the Committee

The Committee meeting minutes are printed in the Club's magazine Meshing Point for the reference of Club members.

Getting Involved

The Committee are always pleased to hear from Club members and will assist in any way that they can.

Chair: Clare Young

Clare and her husband Steve have owned a Ruby for 3 years, Clare has become a very supportive member of the Club including the joint task with other editors producing Meshing Point our Club publication.

Treasurer: David Lodge

As well as being Secretary David also holds the post of DVLA representative.

Treasurer: Charlie Carpenter

Charlie joined the club weeks after it started and had his Ruby at the first Rally. He is well known to most members and has been in most comittee posts in the past including Chairman, Editor and Events Secretary. He took over as Treasurer at the last AGM. He has organised many runs and holidays over the years including Easter and Boxing day for over the last 30 years.

Committee Member: Gavin Boswell

Gavin's interest in A7s was started at the age of 14 when his father bought a 1927 Special. Gavin is membership secretary.

Committee Member: Neil Williams

Neil looks after the clubs Website.

Committee Member: Simon Rooney

Simon is the club's event's co-ordinator.

Committee Member: Iain Gold

Iain produces the clubs annual DVD of events.